A Decentralized Knowledge Graph

Weaviate's Knowledge Graph solves the problem of relating seemingly different datasets to each other allowing you to use one single dataset for multiple use cases. It can be used to compare and describe data from finance 🏦 to car manufacturing 🚗🏭, from zoos 🐘 to space stations 🚀 and from traditional datasets 📊 to Internet of Thing 📱 devices.

Apply Weaviate's knowledge graph across a wide range of industries

Weaviate Finance


Although there is a tremendous amount of information hidden in financial data, it is often used for a single use case like retrieving transaction or generating reports. With the Weaviate knowledge graph, you can unlock all hidden potential hidden in your datasets and even connect those datasets to other institutions securely and straightforwardly.

Weaviate transportation


From complete airports to individual cars, they all generate that contains valuable knowledge. With the Weaviate knowledge graph, you can connect multiple airports, cars or even connected-bikes to exchange information securely and straightforwardly.

Weaviate wholesale and retail

Wholesale and Retail

Billions of products move around the world, and the majority of them are stored somewhere in a database. The information hidden in these datasets is enormous and the Weaviate knowledge graph can be used to unlock this knowledge.

Weaviate engineering


Did you know that a car is made of around 30.000 parts? From cars to power plants, they are all created based on complex blueprints which contain many parts. Thanks to the Weaviate, you will be able to map out complex systems into one single knowledge graph.

SeMI's Weaviate enables us to safely exchange valuable data and insights with our peers.

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Get started with Weaviate

  • Weaviate OSS logo

    Weaviate OSS

    • Open source version of Weaviate.
    • Organize and structure your data into a knowledge graph.
    • Query your knowledge graph in real time for valuable insights.
    • Stay in control of your datasets and privacy.
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  • Weaviate enterprise logo

    Weaviate Enterprise

    • Enterprise version of Weaviate
    • Organize and structure your data into a knowledge graph.
    • Query your knowledge graph in real time for valuable insights
    • Stay in control of your datasets and privacy.
    • Enrich your insights by connecting to a peer to peer network of other participants.
    • Use third party metadata to enhance the value of your insights.
    • Full scale implementations for multiple cloud vendors.
    • Full scale on premise implementation.
    • Support from SeMI's knowledge graph consultants.
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An enterprise ready solution

Weaviate support for different clouds

Support for different clouds

Weaviate Enterprise supports multiple cloud vendors including; Google, AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Weaviate enterprise pricing per function

Pricing per function

With Weaviate Enterprise you are charged per function via the Weaviate API. This way you only pay for what you need.

Weaviate enterprise playground


Weaviate's Playground is a graphical user interface that enables you to gather insights from the knowledge graph directly. Users of Weaviate Open Source can use the Playground on this websites, and Weaviate Enterprise users receive a custom version they can run wherever suited.

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