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    Onboarding Brief

    What it means to onboard to the SeMI Network.


    SeMI on-boarding

    We support you in getting your use cases up and running. Below you find a number of key steps in preparing deployment of a use case:

    1. Discover and develop your key business questions in our exploration workshop.
    2. Identify and collect data sources for your use cases.
    3. Refine your data from each source that you want to exploit in your network.
    4. Deploy your use case on your favourite system or cloud service.

    Exploration workshop

    Discover and develop your key business questions in our SeMI Use Case Exploration workshop. In this one-day workshop we introduce SeMI and develop your custom use cases. As a result the business value of SeMI will become tangible. The outcome of the workshop will enable further steps like: Alignment of your internal stakeholders, definition of a Proof of Concept, input into business cases, the possibility to join our Pilot Project, etcetera.

    Sign up for a free workshop here.

    Identify and collect data sources

    We help you to identify the key data and information sources that are needed for your use cases. We will also support you in getting (internal) approval to use these data sources. Generally, this is a challenging step in the process, as the use of data is bound by legal restrictions. For more information on this topic, please see our legal brief on why your data is safe.

    Refine your data

    Refine your data into knowledge graphs using our SeMI tool and our knowledge base. The outcome of this step is an ontology that describes your data. An ontology is an explicit description of concepts in a domain (classes), with properties describing features, attributes, and interrelationships of the entities. This is is the most important part of on-boarding data.

    The refined data is stored in Weaviate. Weaviate is the decentralised semantic knowledge graph that is at the heart of SeMI. Weaviate allows for different nodes in a network to share knowledge from each node’s individual graph. A well-formulated ontology is not only valuable for describing the meaning of data within Weaviate instances, it also enables linking data between them.

    Deploy your use case

    We support you in deploying your use case on your favourite system or cloud service. We understand the complexity of the systems and processes involved in deploying your use case.

    More information?

    If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.