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    Choose a data source

    Strategically choosing the right sources to start working with is difficult, this article advises you on how to select the right datasets.


    Choosing sources

    Recent development around data privacy legislation emphasises the importance of managing your information sources carefully. Your sources may contain information about individuals, otherwise known as “personal data”, making selection of the right data sources for your SeMI use case difficult.

    It is important to remember that in SeMI use cases raw data is never shared. Rather only the metadata that the raw data represents is used. For more information on this topic, please refer to our brief on why your data is safe.

    We help you to first identify the key data sources that likely contain information that is needed for your use cases. SeMI then allows you to combine these sources without the need for a common structuration of the information. Next, we will also help you identify gaps in your data needs for your use cases and assist you in making sources that lie outside your organisation available.

    Collecting data

    Obtaining (internal) approval to use these data sources is a often a challenging step in the process. We will support you in getting (internal) approval to use these data sources.

    More information?

    If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.