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    Executive Summary

    Why is SeMI a great tool to enrich your current business offerings? In this primer you will learn why SeMI is so valuable for your business.



    Is your company spending a lot of money acquiring, processing and analyzing large sets of data, yet is not able to generate insights needed to drive business decisions? You are not alone! According to a Bain & Company survey, 59% of companies struggle to generate meaningful business insights from their data (ref). Annually, $ 18,9 billion is spent on unnecessarily aggregated market insights.

    59% of companies struggle to generate meaningful business insights from their data.

    Solution: SeMI

    Arguably, one of the most valuable services the internet has brought us is Google. You maybe even used it to get to this page. But did you know that it is estimated that Google has only indexed < 0.1% of globally stored data (ref) The reason for this is evident, it needs openly accessible data.

    What if you could make the other 99.9% available as easily as Google does?

    SeMI is a decentralized semantic knowledge network that enables cross-company data collaboration without sharing system-of-record data. Our product offering enables you to enrich your market and customer understanding through the exchange of valuable insights generated by the entire network.

    SeMI focuses on hyper-organized information, also known as “Knowledge graphs.” SeMI enables companies to refine their data into knowledge graphs stored in Weaviate: a decentralized Semantic Knowledge Graph that is at the heart of SeMI.

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    Enable knowledge sharing on closed datasets

    Existing data analysis and search solutions can generate insights from publicly available data. However, a significant amount of knowledge is captured in data that is behind closed doors, making the knowledge contained unavailable for other use cases. Companies are reluctant to share because of legacy, compliance, security and privacy reasons.

    SeMI enables knowledge sharing and insight generation based on data that is behind closed doors, whilst honoring all aspects around compliancy, security, and privacy.

    Start with the business questions

    SeMI starts from the business perspective: which business decisions need data-driven insights? What are the key questions you want answers to? We help you discover and develop your key business questions in our exploration workshop. In this workshop, we introduce you to SeMI and develop your custom use cases.

    SeMI products

    • SeMI Local: Generate meaningful market insights based on your company’s data. SeMI Local allows you to uncover hidden connections between different sources of information within your company. Combining several sources using SeMI dramatically enhances the quality of your knowledge gained.

    • SeMI World: Exponentially enrich your insights on the SeMI network. SeMI World enables you to exponentially enrich your market and customer insights by connecting you to other members of the network. We connect you to (potentially multiple) SeMI network(s) most suitable for your needs.

    For more information about the SeMI products, please refer to our product page.

    Your data is safe

    SeMI network

    Because SeMI is a decentralized solution, you stay in complete control of your information: the system of record data is never shared! SeMI focuses on the things that the system of record data portrays and links that information together to create a graph of knowledge that can be consulted by consumers of the network. This also means there is no central platform. SeMI runs on your own servers or in your own cloud. For more information on this topic, please refer to our legal brief.

    There is no central platform.

    More information?

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