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    Data Usage & Compliancy

    What does it mean for your organization from a practical, safety and compliance point of view when you use SeMI?


    Data Usage

    Regardless if you are an airliner, financial institution or a farmer, one of your most valuable assets is stored in the form of digital data. And if you are as most companies, simply sharing or even selling the data is something you can’t do because of your customer’s privacy or because of the data containing insights that make your business unique. And even if you wanted to do this, harmonizing data sources is extremely complex.

    But on the other hand, you know that you have valuable information, information that could benefit others without you violating any of your principles or endangering your business.

    At SeMI, we believe that the solution to both the problem and opportunity lies in the meta-data of your original system of record data.

    Let’s take the following example; Some Airliner Inc.

    The airliner above has very sensitive information, but actually knowing that it was John Doe that bought the hot dog isn’t really interesting. It is valuable to know that people who fly to Los Angeles actually want hot dogs!

    This is how the network brings value, without sharing sensitive data.

    It is all about meta-data!

    Decentralized Network

    The SeMI network connects all these sets of information without actually harvesting it to a centralized platform. That means you are in complete control over how the original data is handled and how it is stored.

    In the example below, you can see how we link meta-data from a bakery and and an airliner.

    some airliner inc and some bakery inc

    Click here for a technical summary of how SeMI makes relations in meta-data.

    At SeMI, we believe that if we bring the meta-data of a multitude of companies to a large network, we can all benefit from each other’s insights without giving away the actual data!

    You are in control of your information

    SeMI is a decentralized knowledge network, which means that each member of the SeMI network deploys SeMI from their own systems: there is no central SeMI central data storage. Effectively each member has its own data vault on their own systems, which can only be accessed through an API. So you are in complete control of the safety of your data.

    There is no centralized platform, and every participant runs their own node in the network.

    The raw data itself is never shared or made available. The API returns only the “answer” to a question - not the data that makes up the answer. The data itself stays safe in the data vault, while the answer is exposed through the API.

    We understand that your information sources may contain information about individuals, otherwise known as “personal data”. With the recent development of legislation it is important to manage the information that you share with other participants of the network.

    We have several tools to help you. In our on-boarding workshops, for example, we help you define your ontology (see our on-boarding primer). This ontology is an important mechanism in refining your data into knowledge graphs using our SeMI tool and our knowledge base. This refining process makes it highly impractical to connect personal data to an identifiable person.

    More information?

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