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Decentralized services

SeMI is pioneering the way in which companies can learn from knowledge in each other's data, enabling our customers to enhance products and train AIs based on data they never had access to before.

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Enterprise Knowledge Sharing

SeMI's Weaviate is a knowledge graph ready for collaborating in the enterprise. Regardless if you want to share knowledge with peers or internally, Weaviate helps you to do so.

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Collaborative Networks

SeMI is all about collaborating. Regardless if it's cross-industry, with peers or internally. SeMI's software helps you to make collaborating with multiple big data datasets as easy as possible and unlock the knowledge hidden in them.

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Power of Open Source

At SeMI we believe in the power of collaboration and openness. Open source allows us to have individuals, small business or academic users work with our software. For enterprise users, we have specific offerings that are tailormade to suit their needs.

Products and Services

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    A decentralized knowledge graph.

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    SeMI Consulting

    Enable the exchange of valuable knowledge

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