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What if you could enrich your products with insights and data you’ve never had access to?

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Decentralized Knowledge Network

SeMI is pioneering the way in which companies can learn from knowledge hidden in each other's data by creating cross-company knowledge graphs.

We enable our customers to enhance products and train AIs based on data they never had access to before.

Enrich your knowledge and insights.


SeMI uses natural language processing (NLP) to help you make sense of your data in a way that makes sense to you. NLP focuses on the interactions between human language and computers.
- Learn how SeMI uses NLP.


SeMI links meta-data to create a decentralized semantic knowledge graph, which enables you to exponentially enrich your customer and market insights.
- Learn why meta-data is so imporant for SeMI.


The power of SeMI is its ability to connect multiple systems and sources of information without a common information structure. Different systems and sources independent from each other. Everyone’s data is secure.
- Learn how SeMI works decentralized.

SeMI empowers you to make better decisions

SeMI offers two products: SeMI Local and SeMI World. To generate meaningful insights from your own data, start with SeMI Local. To dramatically enhance the quality of your knowledge and insights, go straight to SeMI World.

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